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Apple Pecan Two-Bite Trifle


Ok… so my last trifle was such a hit I decided to get creative and mix things up in the dessert kitchen this morning. Unfortunately I’m introducing this far too late for our Canadian thanksgiving, but perhaps our American friends can find some inspiration here just in time for their Thanksgiving festivities. Either way, it’s totally Kismet for Fall!

As with my other trifle, it serves best in a trifle dish so all those delicious layers adorn your table beautifully.


  • 1 full-sized angel food cake
  • 1 box Dr. Otker English Toffee pudding mix
  • 1 small package of chopped pecans
  • 10 apples
  • 1/3 Cup Sugar
  • 3 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tub of Cool Whip
  • 1 pkg of Two-bite brownies (approx. a dozen)

If you have your supplies on hand you are ready to get Prepping, (can be made up to 24hrs in advance)

Step 1: Peel and finely slice your apples. 10 should do.

Step 2: Blend your Dr. Otkers pudding mix, and refrigerate until your apple slices are ready

Step 3: Toss apple slices with 1/3 cup of sugar

Step 4: sautee in a frying pan drizzled with maple syrup – until golden and soft.

Step 5: (while waiting for apples to cook ) Cut all two-bite brownies into fours.

Step 6: Refrigerate apples until chilled (do not drain the liquid)

Step 7: slice angel food cake into 3 sliced rounds

Step 8: place the smallest round of angel food into the trifle bowl.

Step 9: Layer with 1/3 of the pudding

Step 10: Toss on 1/4 of the brownie chunks

Step: 11: Layer on 1/3 of the whipped cream and spread evenly

Step 12: Pour on 1/3 of the apple slices and liquid

Step 13: Sprinkle on 1/3 of the pecan bits

Step 14: Repeat steps 8-13 two more times. (Using the largest angel food round last) Be sure to top well with your apple slices and pecans, add the extra layer of brownie chunks for aesthetic appeal.

Voila! Make ahead and keep chilled until ready to serve!

So good, you might just want to skip dinner and dive right into dessert! Let’s hope my MIL is equally as delighted when we serve this for her birthday tonight!

Tight squeeze!


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Tropic Trifle

Tropic like its hot, because I guarantee you are going to be falling over this delicious trifle. So great, in fact, that I just had to make this my inaugural food post. Also this recipe takes a few quick spins of the mixer, and voila your done… in minutes!!

Trifles are almost always my go-to potluck contribution, because I can throw it together the night before – which is my #1 potluck rule –  and grab it and go when your running out the door, WHICH MEANS… more ‘hair did’, ‘make-up did’ doing. I have been making so many trifles in the past few years, that boredom set in and I have been getting adventurous with my ingredients, this one has taken the cake! – pun intended.

Ok so your going to need to take a quick hop-skip-and a jump to the grocery store – well unless you have toddlers in tow, then its all like; talking to every stranger, snacking on a cracker box in the aisle, “I lost my blankie”, and “Stay with mommy I am in a hurry” 65478300 times. In this case, I am sorry! I feel you! Maybe you can send hubby???

Shopping List;

1 pkg. Dr. Oetker chocolate mousse

1 cup of milk

1 tub of Cool Whip (regular or light will work)

2 pkgs of 6 mini angel food cakes (that’s 12 total – math geek right here)

1 pkg of coconut flakes

1 pkg of chocolate chips

1 pineapple (or 1 can of pineapple bits)

You will also want to make a long term investment in a trifle bowl like this one, because when you discover how easy this is it will be your go-to too.


Step 1: Mix the Dr. Oetker Mousse as directed on the pkg (adding your cup of milk, and mixing until thickened)

Step 2: Chop your angel food cakes into bite sized pieces

Step 3: Cut up your pineapple, putting 1/3 into the blender to create a liquid consistency, the other 2/3rds will be chopped into tidbits. If you opted for the canned pineapple – even easier- simply strain the pineapple over a bowl so that you separate the tidbits from the juice (both will be used).

Step 4: lay out a layer of angel food pieces to cover the bottom of the bowl.

Step 5: Drizzle 1/3 of the pineapple juice to the bottom layer, throw in 1/4 of the pineapple bits, a handful of coconut, and a handful of chocolate chips.

Step 5; Spread on a later of chocolate mousse

Step 6: Spread on a layer of cool whip

Step 7: REPEAT steps 4-6 to create a total of 3 layers.

Step 8: Top with the last 1/4 of your pineapple bits, sprinkle coconut and chocolate chips until your pleased with the presentation.

Step 9: Refrigerate overnight this way the angel food cake has the opportunity to soak in all the delicious flavors.

Also, like the cool kids do, you may present to guests with the leafy pineapple top set atop your trifle to make it all fancy-like. I’ve done it, and it made a lasting impression! 

Give it a try… or don’t. It’s totally up to you! But if you do, you will be ‘pining’ over it for years to come- no apologies, the pineapple puns are endless.


Tight Squeeze



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Make Your Own Family Mission Statement

One of my overall goals for 2017 (who am I kidding this post has been in the making since my blog launched) was to develop a family mission statement. I dug deep into the values that Shane and I hold for our family, and the traits we would like to instill in our children as they grow. I felt strongly that although it can be reviewed at any time, this statement should really stand the test of time.

To start, I listed all the things I wanted to encompass;

  1. Loving Deeply and infinitely
  2. Expressing Gratitude
  3. Taking ownership
  4. Dedication
  5. Honor and Respect
  6. Encouragement
  7. Willingness to participate / try new things
  8. Being humble
  9. Morality and conviction
  10. Faith

Next I divided the above into three sections

Expectations;  Love, Honor, and Respect

Principals; Faith, hard work/ dedication, and morality/conviction

Goals; Courage, Encouragement, Grateful, and Humble hearts

Then I began structuring each of these elements into one large statement based on this organization.

“We, the Povey family, commit to our purpose within this home to love each other without condition, honoring each other with intention, and respecting the individuality, goals, and dreams of each family member.

We shall strive to stay true to our family purpose through dedication to our faith, our social responsibilities, and recognizing the importance of the convictions of our hearts so we may make sound and wholesome judgments. Interacting as such, we shall continue to demonstrate courage to fearlessly face each of our challenges, and celebrate the strength our family provides to accept the outcomes, that we may grow individually; molding a healthier and happier whole.

Our family will facilitate a home that is encouraging, grateful, and humble. We shall not limit the geographical parameters of such behaviors, that we may go out each day extending the same love and intention to those that cross our paths.

Making our world a little kinder, gentler and more accepting each day at a time.”

I encourage each of you to make a family mission statement, connect with each of your family members goals, and to keep your self accountable to be the spouse, parent, friend, employee, etc. that you had intended to be.

Tight Squeeze!



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How To Create A Kick-Ass Birthing Playlist (in ten easy steps)

I can’t even tell you how many countless hours Shane and I spent creating the ultimate playlist for our labor and delivery experience. First off, lets get real here, Giving Birth is probably going to be the most painful experience of you life, I ain’t gonna sugar coat it, sorry! With that said, the music you chose should speak to you, and allow you to escape the pain and get lost in it, It should be tolerable by your guests, and pull at your heart-strings. Chose carefully and thoughtfully! My choice of music is a largely contributing factor in the fact that I was able to have drug-free birthing experiences.

WARNING: Your pregnant and hormonal, If you haven’t cried while creating your playlist you’ve done it all wrong!

#1. Rock Out! If you like to pump the bass, sing along (albeit off-key), or even tear-up the dance floor, choose a birthing team that will allow you the courtesy to experience the music in your way. I can not stress that enough!!! I, personally, like music  a little on the loud side, so that’s exactly how we listened to It.

#2. Dig deep. Reach well into your past and pull out all the sappy nostalgia you can, if it makes you happy, excited, energetic, and isn’t a love song you shared with someone other then the father of your child, add it! I’m talking circa 1990s folks!

#3. Mix it up! Tune into your favorite radio sites and upload your favorites from the top 20 lists.

#4. Blend It Well. Chose songs from different Genres. This will help pass the time quicker, and get you through those debilitating contractions, trust me!

#5. Make it romantic. The love making isn’t just for the day of conception, todays the day your love for each other will multiply. Chose songs you shared together like first dances, wedding songs, and songs that make you think of each other.

#6. Dedicate a Song to your child. Find a song that you feel adequately expresses the excitement you feel about your child. Make this their song, and know that every time you hear it, you will never forget this day. If a song exists with their intended name in it, make sure to use it too!

#7. One trademarked word; GOOGLE. He’s been your BFF since the beginning of time, so source out his help! Search “Best birthing playlist” and review the plethora of blogs, forums and sites, give a quick listen to the suggested songs, and copy and paste the ones that “Give you all the Feels!”

#8. If your stuck, reach into the pockets of your favorite artists. Look up the more obscure songs they have on their albums, give them a listen a couple of times and if you like it, add it!

#9. You Do NOT need to add Push It a la Salt n’ Pepa  Seriously! how cliché!

#10. Make it Happy, Period.

I have gone ahead and Rounded up a 150+ of my favorites in no particular order (below)

Tight Squeeze and Happy Pushing!!


What a wonderful World ~ Frank Sinatra

Syrup and Honey ~ Duffy

Bubbly ~ Colbie Callait

At Last ~ Etta James

How Deep is your love ~ The Bird and the Bee

Sweet Pea ~ Amos Lee

Lucky ~ Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait

Here comes the Sun  ~ Nina Simone

Dreamin’ ~ Johnny Brunette

I was made her love her ~ Stevie Wonder

Cupid ~ Jack Johnson

Beautiful World ~ Colin Hay

Venus ~ Frankie Avalon

L-O-V-E ~ Nat King Cole

You Got Me ~ Colbie Callait

Don’t Worry Be Happy ~

Baby Love ~ Diana Ross

Boogie Shoes ~ KC and the Sunshine Band

Fly me to the Moon ~ Frank Sinatra

A Wink and a Smile ~ Harry Connick Jr

Wishin’ and Hopin’ ~ Dusty Springfield

My Girl ~ The Temptations

Isn’t She Lovely ~ Stevie Wonder

Just the Way you Are ~ Billy Joel

Come Away with Me ~ Norah Jones

I believe in you and Me ~ Whitney Houston

My Everything ~ Barry White

When I’m 64 ~ The Beatles

If your not the One  ~ Daniel Beddingfield

Isn’t it Romantic? ~ Tony Bennett

Stop, Look, Listen to your Heart ~ Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross

The Wind ~ Cat Stevens

More than this ~ Roxy Music

Mercy ~ Duffy

Northern Sky ~ Nick Drake

Brighter than sunshine ~ Aqualung

This years love ~ David Gray

Without you ~ Syl Sylvain

The Lovecats ~ The Cure

Through the Years ~ Kenny Rogers

Isn’t it Romantic? ~ Tony Bennett

Cant get enough of your love ~ Barry White

Can’t take my Eyes off you ~ Frankie Valli

Say Hey (I love you)  ~ Michael Franti and Spearhead

I Got a Feeling ~ Black Eyed Peas

Hey Soul Sister ~ Train

Modern Love ~ David Bowie

Sea of Love ~ Cat Power

Love Fool ~ The Cardigans

Finally ~ CeCe Peniston

Relax Take it Easy ~ Mika

Just a Little More Love ~ David Guetta

I’m a Believer ~ The Monkees

Rock your Body ~ Justin Timberlake

Another one Bites the Dust ~ Queen

You Shook Me ~ ACDC

Hit me with your Best Shot ~ Pat Benatar

I’ll Remember ~ Madonna

Walking on Sunshine ~ Katrina and the Waves

Do it ~  Nelly Furtado

Fire Burning ~ Sean Kingston

Surf City ~ The Beach Boys

Dizzy ~ Tommy Roe

Little Darlin ~  The Diamonds

Beautiful Girls ~ Sean Kingston

Fireflies ~ Owl City  

Stuck on you ~ Elvis Presley

Shiver  ~ Shawn Desmond

In my Head  ~ Jason Derulo

Butterflies ~ Stereo

Your Love is My Drug ~ Kesha

Miss Independent ~ NeYo

Alejandro ~ Lady Gaga

California Gurls ~ Katy Perry

Nothin’ On You ~ B.O.B

Numba 1 tide is high ~ Kardinall Official

Cooler than me ~  Mike Posner

Whatcha Say ~ Jason Derulo

Sunglasses ~ Divine Brown and Nelly Furtado

New York ~ Alicia Keys and Jay Z

Let’s Get it Started ~ The Black Eyed Peas

Save me San Francisco ~ Train

Rich Girls ~ Down with Webster

Replay ~ Iyaz

Yalla Habibi  ~ Karl Wolf

Ghosts and Stuff ~ Deadmau5

Gimmie Sympathy ~ Metric

OMG ~ Usher and Will-i-am

Hey Soul Sister ~ Train

Norah Jones ~ Turn Me On

Body Bounce ~ Kardinal Official and Akon

If we ever meet again  ~ Timbaland and Katy Perry

Maneater ~ Nelly Furtado

Bullet Proof ~ La Roux

Tic Tok ~ Keesha

Rock your Body ~ The Black Eyed Peas

I Think I’m Ready ~ Katy Perry

I Gotta Feeling ~The Black Eyed Peas

99 Red Balloons ~ Owl City

Your Love is My Drug ~ Ke$ha

I’m Not The Only One ~ Sam Smith

Sweet Annie ~ Zac Brown Band

Gonna Make you Sweat ~ C + C Music Factory

Must Get Out ~ Maroon 5

Candyman ~ Christina Aguilera

Ice Cream ~ Sarah McLachlan

Life is Better With You ~ Michael Franti

Ring of Fire ~ Johnny Cash

Baby ~ Justin Bieber

The Freshman ~ The Verve Pipe

Love at first sight ~ Kylie Minogue

S.O.B ~ Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

Hold My Hand ~ Hootie and the Blowfish

Lighting Crashes ~ Live

Come Away With Me ~ Norah Jones

I’m Yours ~ Jason Mraz

Biscuits ~ Kacey Musgraves

When you say nothing at all ~ Alison Krauss

Read my mind ~ The Killers

1,2,3,4 ~ Plain White T’s

Bubbly toes ~ Jack Johnson

Your Song ~ Elton John

Your Beautiful ~ James Blunt

Red Hands ~ Walk off the Earth

Bless The Broken Roads ~ Rascal Flatts

Can’t Feel My Face ~ The Weekend

Raise Your Glass ~ Pink

Say Something ~ A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

Don’t Call Me Baby ~ Kreesha Turner

Need You Now ~ Lady Antebellum

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head ~Kylie Minogue

Hips Don’t Lie ~ Shakira Ft. Wyclef Jean

Glamorous ~ Fergie Ft. Ludacris

Counting Stars ~ One Republic

Stay ~ Lisa Loeb

Weezer ~ Buddy Holly

Stay With Me Sam Smith

Stressed Out ~ 21 Pilots

Loving You Easy ~ Zac Brown Band

Shake it Off ~ Taylor Swift

Who Will Save Your Soul ~ Jewel

Criminal ~ Fiona Apple

Torn ~ Natalie Imbruglia

Forever Young ~ Rod Stewart

Your Gonna Miss This ~ Trace Atkins

Hey There Delilah ~ Plain White T’s

All My Life ~ K-Ci and JoJo

What Goes Around Comes Around ~ Justin Timberlake

I Try ~ Macy Grey

Somebody I Used To Know ~ GYOTE

Sweet Pea ~ Amos Lee