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Builder Basic Kitchen Renovation 2016

This month marks the 5th month to slip by into oblivion since we began our kitchen renovation. It has literally been us managing life, and then squeezing in little pockets of time to work on all the DIYs we set out to accomplish in there. It all began with some new pot lights (because these are the sort of luxuries you get when your husbands an electrician) and some how grew into a pretty major overhaul.

Our existing kitchen had previously be painted (poorly) using the Rustoleum cabinet transformation kits and had extensive damage to them. It just simply wasn’t practical to have chippy, hard-to-clean cabinets in our lives, least of all the kitchen.

Before (mid pot light installation)



Before (note the 70s backsplash and poorly painted cabinets although it was hard to tell with the poor lighting)


Right: Original Cabinet Finish, Left: Cabinet transformation kit


Aside from the poorly painted cabinets (that I once was foolish enough to believe had a professional finish) I really needed to rid our kitchen of the glass tile backsplash that dated the kitchen which I assure you wasn’t actually established in the 70s. I think I may have actually held a party when we finally ripped it out.

We actually had to rip the tile out with the drywall. But already an improvement without the tile!


One of our other priorities was to resituate our refrigerator. In its current state the fridge sat to the far left of our partition wall, which happened to meet a door way and main entrance to the kitchen, thus blacking about 4 inches of the door frame and making the kitchen access feel tight.

We centered the fridge here. It was initially partially blocking the door frame to the left.

We also had to build out the bulkhead above the refrigerator area so it would be cohesive with our new pantry design.


this Refrigerator is a monstrosity!


Everything we tackled with this project was something new for us. Yes, Shane has built things in the past, but an entire pantry cupboard was a whole new ball park. It forced us out of our comfort zone, in fact, often times we held up our timeline just out of fear of tackling the next new thing. We also had a standard for how we wanted the overall finish to look, because after all, it was someone elses DIY that got us into this mess to begin with, it was important that we raised the bar, and not just settled for the same standard, but different look.

As the “design girl” I knew it would be a challenge to achieve the sleek white and bright look I was going for while still being able to incorporate the earthy fixtures in the kitchen that we would not be changing (like the stone wall in the eating area, and our existing Corian countertop) so I sourced ideas to make it all balance, and utilizing oil-rubbed bronze was our best option.

PicMonkey Collage
the mood board


Lastly, to make it all worth while we really had to think about the little touches that would make the most impact. Since we had an existing builder basic design to work with we wanted elements that would “pack a punch”. We resorted to a few glass paneled cabinet doors, a stand alone designer range hood, wallpaper backed cabinets, and decorative knobs.

I still swoon over that simple wallpaper backing everyday.

Finally (after 5 months) we wrapped up the esthetics in the kitchen (we still have a few drawers to build in the pantry so the kitchen is completely functional) and we can go on living our day-to-day lives in here.


BMs Chantilly lace cabinets, White glass subway tiles with a decorative accent, and yellow and turquoise accents, and I whipped up that old Farmers Market sign with a bit of chalk paint and sand paper.


Oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fixtures and cabinet pulls.


Completely custom Fridge surround pantry which also houses bulky appliances.



Under Cabinet mounted lighting, and we even tiled the riser on the breakfast bar which has made it far more practical for cleaning.


BMs Metropolis Grey for the Island, and Behr Graceful Grey on the walls.


So if you’ve been missing us for a while, I’m sorry! I will try to get better now that this major undertaking is out of our hair – Until we tackle the next one 😉

tight Squeeze!!