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Life Happens

I haven’t been inspired to write this week, the terrible twos are in full force, the forty hours I work each week are starting to feel like eighty, hubby is working a lot of overtime, and the house is turned upside down for renos. The kids are definitely feeling the strain, it’s been a lot of long days couped up inside amongst the dust and dirt (although they are happy about the jungle gym all the rearranged furniture and tools create). As a result, we are busy with fussing toddlers  and running mad balancing it all. I’m sure any parent understands, this is how it is sometimes. Not to mention we are literally squeezing in the time to DIY our little project. 

Anyway, my point is, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns life gets the better of us, it happens, There is no point in being in denial about it. One day, we will look back, and know these are the very obstacles that we overcame making us better parents. 

Oh and the teething… Did I mention the teething! Oi!  

Tight squeeze (to get you through)



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