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A Typical Afternoon


If you were to pop in for an afternoon tea, you would find me clad in joggers, sans make-up, hair uncombed in a messy bun with fly always, and waist deep in unfolded laundry. I’d be exhausted and defeated as is every day. I work shift work, and have just come off of a string of nights, but I don’t waste the seconds in between. I forgo hours of restful sleep to play Lego with my boys, or snuggle during a movie. I tend to the laundry and other chores while they nap so I’m not too busy for them when they awake.  

They don’t know how much I invest in them, I struggle with the fact that they know I’m gone, a lot! And for long periods, but they never know just how tirelessly I work, FOR them!  

I do not skip looking after myself because I am too lazy! I do it because I think of all the better ways to be spending my time. And because I usually have toddler yogurt hands run through my hair, veggies thrown at me, or get peed on. 

I do it because my kids love me truly unconditionally and it doesn’t  matter how I look as long as I’m treating them right.

Sending love out to all the tired moms (and the well rested ones) we all know how hard you work to balance it all!

Tight squeeze!



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