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A few of their favorite things

Its important to me that I make a note of all the things my kids do and love, and that may some day frame who they are in as adults. I never want to forget what toys they were attached to, or how they preferred to sleep, and especially how they show their creativity and innovation, because I think those are the little key holes into the future, and I will one day be able to piece all of this together.

Elliott ~ 2.5 yrs

  • Thumb-sucking. All day every day.
  • His Lego Hard hat. He wears this consistently, before winter hats, We had to fight to leave this hat a home -we eventually gave up- and he wore it EVERYWHERE. Living in a relatively small town, I’m surprised people didn’t recognize him as “that kid…”
  • Hats in general. Wears one pretty much 24/7.
  • Lego. Currently he is into building a two story three car garage, with upper loft man cave for all his hard hat wearing Lego men (which he calls Tom and daddy). We do this everyday!
  • He prefers painting over coloring. He will not participate in finger painting, but has really refined his motor skills with brushes.
  • Television. We do not have cable, so he watches what he asks for on command. He absolutely lives for the Might Ducks trilogy, but also like Zooboomafoo, Bob the builder, Dinotrux, and Veggie Tales. He also really enjoyed the Polar Express and Frosty the snowman at Christmas time. He almost always chooses real-people over cartoons.
  • Construction vehicles. Everything about them. He wont count, identify colors, or say the alphabet, but he can name all the different vehicles without hesitation.
  • Playing the his collection of necklaces and bracelets in mommies jewelry box. He has his very own set of kids bangles, and necklaces.
  • His baby. He has a miniature bassinet beside his bed, and his baby has to be tucked in there every night when he goes to bed. He doesn’t bother with it ,much through the day, however from time-to-time he brings it downstairs and he eats meals at the table with us.
  • Hockey! Anything to do with hockey. He loves hockey cards, hockey jerseys, watching from his bedroom window as the neighborhood kids play outside, He has his own stick and gloves, and has learned to handle the stick really well. He is limited to hockey outside and plays in the catwalk beside our house. Inside, he will use kitchen utensils and a plush soccer ball for an adaptation of hockey.
  • Aden and Anais Dream blankets. They are soft and luxurious so I cant really blame him. We keep one on the couch for movies, and one in the car during the winter if they are not there, he will hunt them down and put them there.
  • A vintage Playskool wooden ride on Giraffe that I found at a yard sale for $5. We have had an assortment of ride on toys come and go in the house, but that is always his go-to.
  • Apple Tea. Obviously! Of course there isn’t such a thing as apple tea served in our home (although I really should go find one) rather Apple tea is just want he has decided to call all beverages after a thanksgiving treat of apple cider, ONE TIME!
  • Pasta. Cleans his plate, always!
  • Pretty much any fruit imaginable, and vegetables for that matter. Though Avocado is probably #1.
  • Birthdays. He can’t get enough. He only started to realize the hype of birthdays after his 2nd. He understood that with birthdays came “Happy cake”. Like, who cares about the presents anyway? Then after a slew of birthday invites from then to now, he has become obsessed with the idea.
  • Books. He never turns down the opportunity to read with, well, anyone. He also enjoys leafing through them on his own after they have been read.
  • Boots. Just cause, Puddles!
  • He would have you believe otherwise, but He actually loves tickles. Right time and place.
  • Mirrored play. If mom sews, Elliott will find objects to mimic mom. If dads working on the car or with tools in the house, Elliott is behind him with his toy version. There are always electrical outlets being adjusted with screwdrivers around here.
  • Elmo calls app. Elmo face times often, sometimes as a wake-up call. Sometimes from a temper tantrum distractor, other times to encourage him to eat his meal. Works every time.
  • Jammies. Why not?
  • Baths. Especially the special occasions he gets to bathe in mommy and daddies big tub.
  • Being behind the camera with his vintage fisher price toy camera. He does not like having his photos taken though.
  • Surprises and being scared.
  • Face-timing.



Oliver ~ 1 year

  • His Aden and Anais sucky blankets (we have a handful and leave them stashed everywhere).
  • Cell phones. Has no idea how to use it, except mimicking selfies by outstretching his arms and saying cheese. But if he doesn’t have a cell  in his hand the world has ended. (The baby monitor is an acceptable substitute, but don’t dare try to give him a toy version)
  • Baths. He is blowing water bubbles too now.
  • Bedtime bottles. Me thinks he’s going to be a tough one to break.
  • Walking. A boys got to take advantage of his new found talent.
  • Unraveling the paper products. Toilet paper, paper towel doesn’t matter as long as he can giggle at the aftermath.
  • Stairs. For the same reason he likes walking
  • Hellos and good byes. He has currently taken to leaning over the toilet and bidding adieu to the poopys and the pee-pees.
  • Thumb-sucking. Although not as much as his brother. He will ONLY suck thumb when tired/falling asleep and ONLY with his sucky blanket which he rubs on his face whilst sucking.
  • Kitchen cupboards and drawers. Anything he can reach needs to wander four feet from its intended home, and immediately dropped or thrown to the floor.
  • Water play. Splishing, splashing, and getting wet. Dog bowls included.
  • The broom, or other unusually large items that are awkward from him to maneuver which result in his frustration and a tantrum.
  • Peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek. Because discovering that one can completely disappear behind their fingertips is simply epic.
  • Rockabye Baby Cds. Particularly Michael Jackson – Asleep instantly!
  • Singing. Currently happy birthday and Row your boat.
  • Pasta, Bananas… eating in general. He is well known for tantruming if he isn’t eating, and shoveling the food in handfuls.
  • Being naked. Running freely.
  • Talking. Seriously, doesn’t stop.
  • Hugs. He check in with one about every two hours or so, he just thrives off of positive human contact.
  • Face-timing. Because. Cell phone!
  • Having his picture taken. “Chhee!!” (Cheese)
  • Laughing, smiling, and being the happiest baby overall.


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This!! This is what makes my heart smile, everyday!

Tight Squeeze!



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