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A Cuddle in Time


Couldn’t you just die for the completely unsolicited cuddles your children provide?

My kids are not the overly clingy type, they like to be active, and that certainly can’t happen while glued to moms hip. There is business to be done people! Like building Lego garages, emptying the kitchen drawers, dumping the dogs water bowls, or feasting on kibble. Try as I may, its rare to get a sweet couch cuddle with my children, bribing them with movie cuddles included.

Elliott almost never gives me cuddles at all, he is big on personal space and actually refuses to share a bed, EVER!  I can actually only recall one night that we laid our heads on the same pillow in the last 2.5+ years of his life.

Oliver is far more cuddly, and will actually give me unannounced cuddles from time-to-time -particularly when tired, AND will actually take a snooze in my arms, albeit briefly.

But when the time comes, and my kids march out of nowhere to give me a kiss or a hug, I’m smitten. I feel the knee wobbling-heart racing-butterfly dancing-euphoria. That’s what parenting is all about!

Today, Elliott crawled atop my lap, blanket in tow, and sat for a whole Five minutes whilst watching Dinotrux. In your world that might not seem like a long time, but in mine it was a glorious moment that I had to record.

Tight Squeeze!



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