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One of those days!

Have you ever found yourself watching your children play and realize “Holy shit! When did my kid grow up, and how in the world did I just miss it?” Today was one of those days! Elliott was playing Lego (megablox to be exact) and built a small structure with a retaining wall (basically just a train of pieces lined up) then he lined his men up parallel to this wall and opened each piece like a swinging door and passed each Lego man through. I stared at him in awe and made a mental note to never forget this moment. I also want to make note that he names his Lego men Daddy and Tom (aka Nom) because they wear construction hats and work gear. He is clearly very observant, and has a desire to mimic the men he adores the most in his life. 

I realized today for the umpteenth time that my son is growing up entirely too fast. 

Did I mention Elliott also thoroughly shaved his chin tonight in the bath with his plastic razor and foam bath soap. Seriously?!?! My boy was born living, learning, and growing beyond his years!!! 

My heart overflows! 

Thanks for listening, Tight squeeze!




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