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Elliott Slang – Aged 2.5

So continuing on the topic of what the boys are saying these days, I thought I would jot down a few of my favorites from Elliott. Basically, for the last two months Elliott will say anything he hears and repeat-it-over-and-over. Its seriously adorable though, because he puts a lot of effort into the enunciation and ends up over exaggerating the lip and tongue movements, you’d have to see it to really enjoy it.

It never ceases to amaze me, how evolved his language has become, it was only since he turned two that he suddenly has an interest in words, and he absolutely made talking his mission! I suppose that’s why I have suddenly realized how important it is to be recording it all (I can hear my mom saying “I told you so”  already).

And the nominations for our favorite Elliott slang are

  • Airmane – Airplane
  • Nat – Snack
  • Bobtat – Bobcat
  • Tooktie – Cookie or Cracker
  • Namma – Grandma
  • Yahyie – Ollie/Oliver
  • E-liotte- Elliott (he also often refers to himself as Me)
  • Nom – Tom
  • Bite – Bike
  • Ahh (a gasp), or Apple Tea – Drink
  • Meow – Cat
  • Moo – Cow
  • Chee – Cheese
  • Boota – Book
  • Yome – Home
  • Yai Yai – Thai Thai
  • Busssss – Bus
  • Ollia -Olivia
  • Moobie – Movie
  • Dares – Stairs
  • Dapper – Diaper
  • Hotkey – Hockey
  • B-Ball – Baseball/Soccer/basketball/football
  • Tar -Car
  • Bat – Bath
  • Soct – Sock
  • Nummy or Snat – Snack
  • Isabelle – Annabelle
  • Putt – Puck
  • All none – All done

These are things I know he will outgrow one day, but I never want to forget it, even as I sit here and type away and I can hear his words humming in my head, because I’ve been frantically trying to commit it all to memory. There is nothing that can adequately describe how he rolls his L’s and sticks his tongue up over his lips in an attempt to get the sounds just right.

It all comes more naturally to Oliver, he is younger and fresher and he doesn’t over think all this talking business so it all comes out fluently, whereas, Elliott is too aware of what he is saying and wont say new words unless he is certain he is going to get it right. Which is a big part of the reason that we struggled to get him talking to begin with.

So that’s the boys in a nutshell at the moment. You will hear from me again soon!

Tight Squeeze!



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