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This is The Beginning

Ok so this isn’t actually the beginning, If I am honest, I am about two and a half years behind my targeted goal, but I am going to try my damnedest to catch you all up.

The truth is I make promises to myself everyday that I will begin, then one month turns into two, and two turns into four, which brings us to here and now. I always excuse myself for being busy with two toddlers, returning to work, moving to a new home, etcetera. You all know how it goes! But this life isn’t just about me anymore, its about my children too, and I commit myself to document all the little (and big) things for them, in a place their generation can recognize.

Regardless, here we finally are -at the not so beginning- of the beginning of Apple Tea Memoirs.

A little about me, Ella, in a nutshell –

Born in 1982 rural Ontario, as Leslie. For all “On the line” networking purposes; Ella is my digital alias coined from my initials (L=) Ell + A(= my middle initial). I am a five foot six, pear-shaped, recovering Blonde. I work full-time as a Forensic Psychiatric Nurse, and I am a wife and parenting partner along side my sidekick and greatest treasure, Shane. We battled infertility, whilst being diagnosed with PCOS (seriously who isn’t these days) and documented the emotional wreckage in my original blog After failing to transform that blog into my parenting journal, I decided to start fresh here.

My Husband, Shane, is an industrial Electrician, home renovator extraordinaire. He is known to spend his days towering over people, constructing my Pinterest discoveries, or Shot-putting Dishwashers across the lawn. Seriously though, he is devoted to his family, does the majority of the cooking, and loves to tuck his boys in at night.

Baby Boy Uno ~ Elliott ~ came along on June 12, 2013. He is our hockey enthusiast, hard-hat wearing, Lego engineer. He spends his days watching “moobies” (movies), drinking “Apple Tea”, and sitting on time-out for attempts to suffocate his brother.

Our Deuce ~ Oliver ~ came to us as a surprise pregnancy when Elliott was only 6 months old, making them a total of 16 months apart. Oliver is our sensitive October baby, who unpredictably wakes us through the nights, has charged himself as head of household destruction, and yet gives the most heartfelt snuggles.

We also have a Chihuahua, Thai, and a chocolate lab, Sophie, that are remarkably well behaved pets (I am not even sure how we managed to fair well in this department).

We moved into a new home, Villa Villekula, last March, which we keep telling ourselves is our forever home, and aspire to create a cozy castle within the builder basic walls of this domain. We are weekend DIYers and continue to have many projects on the go, so expect to see a lot of that too.

If this sounds like your cup of Apple Tea I encourage you to join in on all the fun!

Tight Squeeze!





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